Jun. 2, 2017

Matter of Time

Do you know what you have lost?

Do you really even care?

Do you realize there’s no turning back?

Someday they won’t be there.

Do you remember them as babies?

Depending so much on you?

Life has certainly presented challenges;

Many we didn’t choose.

Do you ever think about them?

In the dead of quiet nights?

Do you wonder what they miss or like?

Do you consider their fears and frights?

Do you remember them as toddlers?

With eyes so bright and free?

Have you even stopped to consider

Children have emotional needs?

Do you wonder why you had them?

Was it something you felt compelled to do?

When you heard the word, “Congratulations,”

Was that word a good word for you?

Children’s needs grow deeper

As they grow and increase in age.

Now is the time to guide them

Through the pain that comes with rage.

What breaks my heart the most

Is I can’t fix it for you or them.

These precious days of innocence

Are quickly coming to an end.

Anytime there is division,

Anytime there is divorce –

Innocent children suffer.

Their lives take a different course.

If we only had the wisdom

That comes to us with age,

I believe we’d live life differently.

But we can’t recreate the stage.

Our lives must play out

With some good and with some bad.

Sometimes we have a choice

To make them happy or make them sad.

Being a parent is the greatest gift.

When you take them in your arms,

You want to cradle and shelter them

From unhappiness and harm.

Still, others do not feel the pull.

A connection is not made.

If the connection doesn’t exist,

It doesn’t matter what I say.

I pray these words don’t wound you.

There's no hidden meaning in this rhyme.

Am I getting my message across?

You're running out of time.