Jun. 1, 2017


*At the request of someone special, this blog is a repeat from February 2016.

Discrimination is something that, unless you’ve experienced it, you don’t understand it. However, far too many of us know the deep hurt of discrimination. It is a veil on our lives; a cinder block holding us down never allowing us to soar. It places a huge stop sign directly in God’s path for our lives.

Discrimination takes on many forms. Discrimination may be leveled out right or it may be soft and subtle.

For people never experiencing discrimination first hand, it’s easy to blame the person being discriminated against. When someone tries to defend themselves or people in similar circumstances, they are called, “angry,” or “fanatical.” Accusations of embellishment and self-pity are hurled at the hurting.

I’ve personally experienced discrimination mostly in a church setting. While Jesus taught equal treatment for all, He also commanded concern for the weak, the poor, and the oppressed. The Apostle Paul instructed us to practice mutual submission allowing one another to be used by God in the way we were created to serve and glorify Him. Paul made it perfectly clear that God does not love someone more; He loves all of us equally.

Many times, we want to read scripture and apply it to only one case scenario instead of understanding Scripture through timing, context and its entirety. Of course, when you try to suggest that people need to be open to Scripture as a living, breathing life form, you are accused of tinkering with the almighty word of God.  Truth be known, the people trying to teach us something new are not always the ones doing the tinkering. The ones convinced they know it all are the tinkerers, in my opinion.

These workers chisel tradition into their hard heads and create even harder hearts. The lessons taught are learned at surface level. His words are not allowed to permeate the soul creating life-changing revelation. It is far more comfortable to sit in traditional thought – whether those thoughts are of God or based on man’s teachings.

Discrimination never says, “You aren’t worthy” aloud. It merely whispers, “We’re not even going to let you try.”

Additional thoughts: If you are a person that doesn't believe racism or sexism still exist, ask yourself if you were ever the target of racial or sexist behavior? It may not exist for you. That doesn't mean it is obselete for everyone. The solution is for all of us to try a little harder to be a lot nicer to everyone.