May. 18, 2017

Troubling Waters....

During my fifth and sixth grade years, my family went through some really hard times. It was difficult to watch my family struggle with the satanic attacks and severe teenage rebellion. I constantly worried that the strain would be too much on my mother and daddy. I lived in fear.

I found comfort in my bed at night repeating bible verses that I had learned in church and singing hymns (yes…hymns) as I fell asleep. The funny thing about hymns is so many churches debate their relevance today. I cannot think of any major struggle or tragedy in my life that I didn’t sing a hymn. Even during the evacuation for Hurricane Rita, I sang the hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” for the 9 hours I spent on the road alone in my car.

My mother taught me that we can always look around and see someone else in worse shape than us. She taught us to never allow self-pity to overcome us. She would sing the secular song “Like a Bridge Over Trouble Waters” as she struggled in the raging current of life’s turmoil.

Funny, at times we can be so critical of things that do not originate in a church building while my family taught us to find God in everything and to understand He is everywhere.

My sister is dying. I am worried about my aging parents. I came home from the hospital the other night after my sister undergoing her second major surgery in one week and collapsed. For a moment I thought, “I need to call Debbie and talk about mom and dad. She’ll know what to do.” My sister isn’t at the other end of the phone call any longer. When you walk with someone in the final days of their life, you need a bridge. For me, Jesus is our Bridge in troubling waters.