May. 14, 2017

The Last Man Standing - yep, I'm going in....

The Christian community never ceases to amaze me. Let’s take our ongoing stand against everyone getting offended about everything and then taking offense that a silly TV show was cancelled. Seriously?

Now, I realize I am battling much deeper issues these days and will admit I am in a really lousy mood, but again – seriously?

That’s the problem with Christianity. We want to trash talk other Christians and styles of preaching while we defend some dumb TV show that really doesn’t shine too intelligently on men. We want to wage an all-out war on politics that we see as “unchristian,” all the while supporting some of the sorriest human beings that were ever blessed with the title of leader.

All I can say is more of us need to start volunteering at a homeless shelter or M.D. Anderson Hospital. Perhaps we need to go the V.A. and deal with all of the young people who were destroyed by a praying President’s mistakes.

Or maybe my brothers and sisters would be happier watching porn videos praising God for Mrs. Trump's transformation into a lovely First Lady.

I feel sorry for God. He must really regret creating us. I suspect He has a greater regret that He promised never to destroy mankind again in order to declare a “do over.”

Tool Time Tim will survive on all the royalities of his dirty-mouthed books. And, life as we know it will go on.