May. 9, 2017

The False Prophet


More and more is coming out about him. There seems to be a crowd that loves him. However, there are those of us who can spot his lies from a mile away. Frankly, he is an absolute fake.

He doesn’t stick to Scripture. He goes off on these wild tangents about hope, made up stories, emotions, and “feel-good” words. He doesn’t stick with traditional thought and proven theory. He has this arrogant way about him as if he is somehow more special than those that came before him and certainly more special than anyone in our sacred circles. He appeals to the masses. Three thousand, five thousand, the crowds continue to build everywhere he goes.

Why can’t they see him for who he is? He's leading them astray!

The men who have been around in the spiritual world for a very long time, the really educated men, see right through him. They constantly remind us that his “feel-good” messages do not stick to what Scripture says. Go back and listen to what he says or read what he writes! It’s all available to you!

Challenge what you hear. After all, isn’t that what God's people are supposed to do? Listen to him speak and count how many times you hear him quote Holy Scripture. It isn’t very many and can probably be counted on one hand. He doesn’t rely on Scripture. He does his own thing and the masses follow him like he was a god.

I’m sick of it! Sick of it, I tell you! He is leading people astray with his hopeful, little stories that have absolutely no Scriptural foundation whatsoever. Warn people! Warn everyone you love! Tell them to stay away from him because he is the epitome of a false prophet!

Who is he? His name is Jesus. Who are we? Our generation of Pharisee. Some of us seem more concerned with what matters to us instead of being concerned about who matters to Him.