May. 4, 2017

Does God Speak Through Facebook, Fortune Cookies, and Film?

The Bible is very clear that God speaks and that He uses a variety of ways to get His message across. The most common way God speaks is to use His word – the Bible – to specifically spell out His character, His plans, His desires for us, and His promises.  God speaks.

When I was a young woman, I was confronted by church leadership because I used terminology like, “God told me,” or “God said to me.” Apparently, using phrases such as this made people very uncomfortable. They either thought I was a goof or they suspected I was crazy. Funny…I continue to be referred to as a goof and crazy. I don’t think saying you hear God tags you as either, but I know there are many false prophets who throw these words around too often and too lightly to achieve their own agendas.

God speaks when it glorifies God. False prophets speak when it brings glory to themselves.

Due to the warning and instructions of my late 20’s, I stopped saying, “God told me,” or “God said to me.” I began sharing that “I felt God prompting my spirit,” and that seemed to do the trick. People are okay if God prompts a spirit; they are not okay if someone claims to hear the audible voice of God.

Problem with that is the Bible is also full of examples that God does speak and sometimes He chooses to speak audibly. So, how do we separate the goofs and crazy people from God’s true voice? Again, what is the message about and who is it glorifying? If the message goes against God’s word, then we’d all do ourselves a favor to take that into consideration. If the message is given as a way to make the speaker look awesomely wonderful, I’m not so sure God said it.

But, here’s the deal. I don’t know. The people who criticized me really didn’t know either, did they? Whether or not God uses people to talk to us, His word to instruct us, His Spirit to move us, or speaks through those things we like to focus on – Facebook, Fortune Cookies, and Film – God can do what He dang well pleases because He is, after all, God.