Apr. 28, 2017

My Dream

From time to time, I share my dreams with you. I realize everyone dreams. I don’t share every dream that I have with you because most of them are fleeting and insignificant. There are times when my dream is so vivid that I know God is trying to say something. When a dream lingers all day with clarity and recall, I know the dream is a lesson. The Bible is very clear on God’s tendency to use dreams to speak. I encourage you to read Genesis 40:8, Job 33:12-18, and other passages in the bible regarding God’s use of dreams.

My dream felt like a fight; a fight for freedom from bondage. My dream took place in a building. Someone invited me to accompany them to this building. There wasn’t anything wrong with the building. The building wasn’t dark. The building wasn’t dirty. It wasn’t on a bad side of town. Yet, the building was cold and impersonal. The building appeared to be grayish-white in color and was made up of unattractive, rough cinderblocks.

Once we arrived at the building, my host disappeared. I knew I wasn’t alone in the building. Other people were there. It appeared as if there were panes of glass between myself and the other people. I could see them and hear them. I was not allowed to interact with them.

I worked to the point of exhaustion trying to escape the building. The windows were tightly sealed from corner to corner with what appeared to be a thick caulking substance. The doors had deadbolts that locked but had no available keys.

The other people in the building seemed to be having a great time. They weren’t concerned at all about not having a way out. It was as if I was the only one aware of our circumstances and the only one who felt trapped.

In my dream, there was a figure constantly by my side. If I panicked searching for a way out, the person accompanied me. When I felt I couldn't go on, the person calmed me by putting their hand on my shoulder. The presence remained with me through my intense struggle.

I knew I was being mistreated in the dream but I couldn’t determine who was being mean to me. The voices I heard through the panes of glass were voices of happiness and comradery. Still, the place wasn’t joyful or fun to me.

My alarm sounded and I sat up in bed with a deep gasp! Yes, it was only a dream. I got out of bed, began my day, and went to work. However, the memory of the dream lingered throughout my day. I can still clearly see the sealed windows and the inescapable deadbolts on the doors. I still hear the laughter of the other occupants behind the glass. And, I still feel the presence beside me.

I believe the Lord used my dream to deliver a message specifically designed for me. The message was one of freedom. The message was one of His omnipresence. God reminded me by the use of a dream that I am not trapped. I can break free! He also reminded me that He will always be by my side regardless of the circumstances. He never leaves me even when I feel abandoned or rejected by others.

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