Apr. 25, 2017


Live and learn.

The world still turns.

We can’t escape the pain!

Learn and live.

Continue to give –

And the sky continues to rain.

Love and let go.

We never know

Whose love is true or false.

Let go of love,

When it’s not enough.

Christ already paid your cost.

Answers and questions…

You have your selection:

It’s up to you to choose Truth.

More questions than answers?

Hate like a cancer!

Always the risk of feeling used.

Good or bad?

Isn’t it sad –

We must learn to determine lies?

Bad or good?

It’s not a matter of “should.”

The Lord hears it in my sighs.

Choose to choose!

What will you lose

If you decide to walk away?

The choice is real;

Whatever you feel.

There is nothing more to say.

“Life is unfair,”

My wisdom to share;

Allow me to voice my caution.

Gather up your things.

It’s not being mean –

When you exercise your options.

*The artwork entitled, "Broken Trust," is copyrighted along with this blogsite.