Apr. 19, 2017

Hate is an Ugly Word

I want to talk about cancer. Now, I realize most people do not want to talk about cancer. Those of us who don’t have cancer don’t like the subject. Those of us who have battled and/or survived cancer do not want it to dominate our lives any more than it already does. But, I want to talk about cancer.

I am involved in a Sister’s Study by the National Institutes of Health. I am involved in the study because breast cancer runs in my family. I’ve had the BRCA1 or BRCA2 performed and it came back negative. All that means is that the cancer that runs in my family is not genetic or hereditary. Our cancers are most likely environmentally induced. Negative results in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 will not prevent me from getting breast cancer.

Women my age and older are being diagnosed with breast cancer at alarming rates. I read somewhere that the zip codes of Pasadena and Deer Park have some of the highest cancer rates across the state of Texas. I don’t know if that is true. Just because I read it online doesn’t make it true, but it sure sounds true.

For many years, there was no such thing as Environmentalists or the EPA. Corporations could pretty much do what they wanted with any residue or overflow products. If you’ve seen the movies “Erin Brockovich” with Julia Roberts or “A Civil Action” with John Travolta, you know that these corporations did not always do the right thing. They had a tendency to do the easiest and cheapest things.

Due to the lack of environmental laws and concern, women my age and older were exposed to carcinogenic compounds in the soil, air and water. These cancer-causing chemicals interact in a woman’s body and seem to store bad cells along with the good cells within breast tissue.

I am a melanoma skin cancer survivor. The cause of melanoma skin cancer is obvious. The sun is the culprit. We really cannot live without the sun. We can, however, protect ourselves and our children from the harmful effects of the sun by using sunscreen, wearing hats, and always covering as much of your body as possible when in the sun. I stopped going for sexy once a tumor was discovered on my back.

The delicate balance between economic health and environmental health wages on while our personal health is the causality of the war. I realize we need jobs to support our families; however, we want our family members healthy and able to enjoy our millions. <wink>

I hate cancer. Cancer robbed me of my precious sister, Becky. Cancer recently took one of the kindest women I know and took her from her young adult children. Loved ones continue to fight the battle with tenacity and resolve. I still hate cancer.

Cancer is universal.  It is the one enemy all of humankind has in common and can agree upon. Cancer attacks (and kills) men, women, and children all across the world and is no respecter of persons. The rich die of cancer just as often as the poor. White collar workers and blue collar workers are diagnosed every day.

I hate cancer. I believe God hates cancer as well.  I believe God weeps over what we have done to His “garden.” I believe God shakes His head wondering why we are more worried about earthly treasures than we are this beautiful creation called, “life.”

Hate is an ugly word and I rarely mention it. But, I can honestly say I hate cancer and I can honestly admit I do not feel the least amount of guilt for hating it. One thing I’ve discovered is God chooses to heal some while opting to call some home. His decisions do not always make sense to me. I guess that’s why I am not God, huh?

I call on you to pray for two things: 1) Pray that God will strengthen those either fighting cancer or those grieving over loved ones lost to it, and 2) Pray that cures will be found; including taking better care of our environment and bodies. 

Thank you.

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