Apr. 18, 2017

The Difference


What makes being a Christian unlike any other human experience in the world? What is the difference between Christ-followers and self-professed Christians who put more stock in church beliefs than they put in the Spirit of God?

These are everlasting questions. Why would anyone want to be a Christian? I mean seriously? “We” can be really gripey, unhappy, judging, hateful, separatists.

To begin with, Christ offers HOPE.





It’s sad that so many of “us” choose to be mad; or sad. God’s blessings overflow even in the midst of individual storms.

The world famous evangelical pastor, Dr. E.V. Hill, once said, “Our God got up. Buddha didn’t get up. Mohammed didn’t get up. Jesus Christ got up and it was documented by historical writers.”

He got up. Because He got up, we have hope. He offers that hope with the understanding that this life isn’t the best part. What is to come is what He hoped for in the very beginning. Sin ruined His plan so He instigated a Plan B: Believe.

I encourage you to sit in a really quiet area. Close your eyes. Breathe in and out about five times. Do you feel that “person” within you? The person that still sees despite your eyes being closed? The person that dreams? The person that is moved with music? That “person” is your soul. That part of you is eternal. That is the part of you that will go on. (I know – cue “Titanic” music, huh?)

Our God is so good. He loves each one of us in a unique, nurturing way. He knows our every need. He created us with a hole on the inside that only He can fill.

The other thing that is different about Christianity is that other people don’t get to dictate how you have to act to be loved by God. God is love. He simply loves. Other people can’t give you a list of rules to abide by in order to be seen as “acceptable” in His sight. “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”  He doesn’t need the cleaned up version or the religious version of our souls. He needs us. Just us.

We don’t have to reach quotas. We don’t have to walk an aisle. We don’t have to recite a creed. We have to be the authentic us in front of the Awesome Him.

When others try to tell you how to do this Christian thing just right and with perfection, pray for them. The truth is they got it all wrong and they do not understand the concept of grace or the Spirit’s movement in individuals at all.