Apr. 12, 2017

Parting Ways

Whispers swirling from years past;
I have put them all behind.
I realize not all friendships last.
Now – I must convince my mind.
There are times that letting go
Does more good than harm.
When you know you’ve sold your soul,
God whispers, “You were warned.”
I don’t think I ever stopped to learn
The harshness of separation.
When you feel your spirit burn
From generation to generation.
Little girls and little boys
Who meant so much to me!
All grown up and full of joy;
Willingly set our friendship free.
I know that my bluntness is a factor.
I rub so many wrong.
Life is not always filled with laughter.
And I know I can be strong.
I don’t fit into to the tea parties.
I really don’t see a need
For us to pretend to feel at ease
When truth is – we’d rather leave.
I am not dumb; I know the past
Has somehow caught up with me.
Some friendships that I thought would last
Want nothing to do with me.
Some days I feel ostracized.
Be honest – I can’t accept all the blame.
I know I often criticized
Through life’s hardest rain.
Survival came in the form
Of never being swayed.
What have I learned in this storm?
There are times we must walk away.
There are those who tossed me out;
Some came as a great shock.
But, I know I did some tossing, too.
With choices, we cast our lots.
Precious memories fill our cups –
The lives began to bloom.
I discovered that when I show up,
The air is sucked out of the room.
Too much conflict to manage;
Too many to fake a smile.
I understand I have an advantage –
I’ve been gone for quite a while.
So do I feel an apology
Is the solution to restore order?
For us to try to remedy
Making an effort to start all over?
With tears in my eyes, I must refuse.
I don’t think that is the answer.
One of us will wind up feeling used
Remembering all the slander.
When you get right down to the core,
I was meant to walk away.
We best serve our Heavenly Lord
By going our own way.
Our differences are so many.
Our Lord is one in the same.
Our arguments were plenty;
Through gossip and the games.
So, as I walk away from you,
I understand what that means.
Boldness, courage, to tell the truth…
Is what I taught them in their teens.
At the end of this rhyme, I must be fair.
My children have forgotten you, too.
The truth is they don’t seem to care
Moving on didn’t leave them blue.
So, let’s travel towards life’s sunset;
Dancing all along the way!
This is as good as it is going to get.
There is simply no more to say.

Roni Archer - April 12, 2017