Apr. 10, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

I expect art to prompt discussion. The purpose behind art is to relay a message and help define feelings within our culture. I’m beginning to understand that we’ve made art a black-and-white issue. Either all art is bad or all art is good. The really sad fact is art is art and the beauty is found in the eyes of the beholder.

I find it both funny and interesting that there has been such a ruckus about the non-animated version of the Disney classic, “Beauty and the Beast.” The story has been around forever. The characters really haven’t changed that much. The most recent film version didn’t draw the parts; instead, they put actors or computerized animation in the roles. Newsflash: Light fixtures do not really talk and they won’t make your children believe they can grow up and become a light fixture.

The story of Beauty and the Beast is all about good versus evil. The story manages to teach the lesson that love and kindness can help bring the best out of people – even a hideous beast. As with any fairy tale, the imagery is meant to relay a message. Beauty and the Beast cannot stand alone in teaching morality to children. Newsflash: No one is encouraging your children to have a love affair with a beast, okay?

The story also enhances the imagination regarding witchcraft and curses. Newsflash: The writer isn’t Satanic and isn’t trying to spread a religion of sorcery. That wasn’t Cinderella, Snow White or Little Mermaid’s goal either.  Whew! I know I am going to sleep better tonight after getting that off my chest!

So, light fixtures do not really talk. Children are not being encouraged to fall in love with their dog or the bear in the woods and witchcraft isn’t being pushed down the throat of the viewers.

Sadly, despite all these silly controversies, many of us are more concerned that a character in the story is gay. Please forgive me. That baffles me. Do you think that if we pretend gay people do not exist they will go away? Perhaps you think we must never, ever tell children there is something called, “Homosexuality” because if they know about it, the risk of them becoming one is quadrupled? Is that what we are saying?

Or are we saying that we don’t mind fairy tales just as long as they don’t throw a gay character into the story line? Is that what we are saying?

Final Newsflash: Christianity is going to become obsolete if we are so Heavenly minded that we are no earthly good.

There is a simple solution to calm our fears: Don’t watch the movie. However, if you believe you have done your due diligence with your Christian faith this week by standing up against Beauty and the Beast on social media, I want to encourage you to think again. We’re here to spread the Gospel message. Say this with me: “Jesus loves you. Jesus died for you. He rose from the grave. Jesus is coming again. Do you feel secure that you are on His team?”

That's HIS story and I'm sticking to it.