Apr. 7, 2017

The Discovery

I am the happiest when I allow God to set me free;

Instead of pointing out every bad thing that I see. 

I am the most productive when I yield to


Instead of telling everyone how I want to change them. 

We seem to forget that when Jesus walked this earth 

Life was not perfect then. People still got hurt. 

Sin is nothing new, my friend. It's always been around. 

Salvation is the solution when His presence is not found. 

There were broken homes, drunken men and divorce did exist. 

Saving souls took top priority on His

"To-Do List."

While most fear the world is dark and cry out for His return, 

I weep for them because we never seem to learn. 

We argue theology. We debate what constitutes "sin."

All the while He reminds us we that we're called to work for Him.

We are called to spread the gospel. Still, His workers are so few. 

Please just stop and ask yourself, "Is this what I'm supposed to do?"

I believe we are wasting time and not counting the cost. 

We focus on religion and lifestyle - ignoring the fact, they're lost!

People are living and dying not knowing our Lord. 

None of us want to take the time to share His Holy word.

So next time you sit beside someone you see as the epitome of sin,

Why not ask them if they understand how much He really does love them? 

Try to keep in my mind you don't know their story or their hurt. 

Jesus does. He also knows how much their soul is worth.

He cared enough for them to stretch out His arms and die. 

We seem to forget that and I'm really not sure why?

Christian, we get it – you’re frustrated by the world's sin. 

We need soul winners; not people haters. We've got enough of them. 

Do you find it amazing that we cry out for Him to return?

Instead of leading others to Him knowing their souls will burn?

Why is it we are more concerned about our comfort and pleasure?

As opposed to the souls who will die and reside in Hell forever?

I choose to keep working and forget about life's curses. 

When we spread His love and salvation, then we've discovered

our soul’s purpose.