Apr. 3, 2017

I've Gotta Work on Me

I've gotta work on me. You see

I'm not all that I claim. 

I've gotta work on me or 

I tarnish Jesus’ name. 

I've got to look deep within 

As my world begins to sink. 

And I gotta remember every day

I'm not all that I think. 

I love to pretend I never sin;

But, oh, that is not true. 

That's why I work so very hard 

To point out what's wrong with you. 

The really good news is Jesus saves 

If I proclaim His name. 

Once He enters in my life, 

My world is not the same!

I've got to tell all my friends 

That Jesus Christ saves. 

I must explain the sacrifice 

And everything He gave. 

I must remember it's up to them 

To ask Him in their life. 

Once they do, He's loving and true

And shines His Holy Light. 

I must remember that we all fall, 

But we can all get up. 

Then I'll remind myself every day

I have His grace and love. 

I've got to work on me and 

Let Jesus work on you. 

I’ve gotta tell the entire world 

His story is forever true.