Mar. 21, 2017

The Introduction

I’d like to introduce you to the holy spirit. The holy spirit is those of us who proudly present a Messiah-complex. We think we have all of the answers for everyone to everything. Always. We don’t like to admit it, but we know it all.

My holy spirit attitude likes to say, “Jesus loves you, but….” I hear myself saying, “God is love, but….” I put my own stipulations to being a Christian according to my rule book.  I don’t believe anyone can be a Christian that doesn’t fit into the mold I’ve created for the world. After all, I am the holy spirit.

To the Transgender community, I say, “Jesus loves you, but you gotta change.” I ask for laws that prevent the Transgender community from entering certain bathrooms. I believe that if a Transgender uses the wrong bathroom, bad things can happen to my children or grandchildren. I seem to forget the largest majority of child abductions, rapes, and molestations come from someone close to the family. You know, those normal heterosexuals who infiltrate the church. But, at least they don’t use the wrong bathroom.

To people who choose to cohabitate, I say things like, “Jesus loves you, but you can’t be a Christian and cohabitate.” In the 1960’s, kids with long hair didn’t get to be a Christian. There was a time that my ancestors didn’t think Black people were Christians. Those of us “ordained” to be the holy spirit know that Gays cannot possibly be Christians. Now, hateful, judgmental, gossips – they can be Christians. I said so and I’m the holy spirit.

Also, adulterers weren’t Christians but they can be - as long as I believe their testimony and story of repentance. When you are a holy spirit like me, you have the power to look into every person’s heart and know if they are real Christians or just Christian wanna-be’s. I often forget that many Christian wanna-be’s sit in church Sunday after Sunday believing they are Christians because they are not Transgender, they have not raped anyone, they don’t cohabitate, they were never Black and they are reformed adulterers.  They can be Christians.  I said so therefore it must be true.

They funny thing is I am not really a holy spirit at all. If I were, I’d allow God to be the Judge and Jesus to be the Savior. I would transform people without anyone’s permission. I would hold each person accountable for themselves and not think it was my moral duty to save the world. If I were the real Holy Spirit, I’d know the saving part belongs to Jesus.

I’m not the Holy Spirit. When I think I am, I become a holy terror.

Jesus never hunts us down in order to point out our sin. He already knows everything about us and loves us anyway. He loves all of us. He never adds “but” to the end of that sentence.

How does He change us?  That’s easy.  He is the Real Holy Spirit.