Mar. 18, 2017

An old dog with some new tricks...

There is a saying that you cannot teach old dogs new tricks. I disagree. This old dog is constantly learning new tricks every day.

An example is my words. I think I was under the misconception that the most painful words come in the heat of an argument. I believe God revealed to me that He, and others, expect and understand everyone says things in anger. I am not saying heated arguments are not hurtful. I am saying people expect to hear angry words when other people are…well, angry.

The Lord convicted me about hurtful words said in passing. Those things we say when we are trying to be funny, but really aren’t funny at all. The words we say sarcastically to or about other people. Those things said, “tongue in cheek” can be, in reality, knives in the hearts of others.

What am I talking about? Things that I say that can really go without saying. (My husband just shook his head thinking, “Helllloooo….I’ve told you that for years.” Many of my long-term, grace-filled friends are saying, “By George! I think she’s got it!” Those who don’t really know me or those who aren’t sure they love me may stop reading and ask, “Is this woman for real? Duh.”)

I’m a slow learner; especially when my ego is in play.

Negative words that I say about pastors hurt innocent pastors. Words that I say about police officers who don’t handle things so well hurt my police officer friends. Smart remarks I make in passing are not innocent and they really aren’t all that smart.

The Apostle Paul mentored his protégée Timothy in this way, “Remind people of these things and charge them before God to stop disputing about words. This serves no useful purpose since it harms those who listen.”

Let me share a recent revelation: 1) None of us are exempt from saying things we regret; and, 2) an old dog can learn new tricks when the Master does the teaching.