Mar. 17, 2017

Same Time, Same Problem


What began as a movie between two famous stars

Brought us tears and laughter; forgetting Whose we are.

The story was quite funny.  It really was quite cute.

Our laughter masked the sin and betrayal found a root.

The story played quite well as if their affair was fine.

They met together every year around the exact same time.

The movie took them through the years – their years of joy and pain.

What it never pointed out, my friend, was their marriages were never quite the same.

Many get caught up in the fantasy as if they are star-crossed lovers

Instead of focusing attention on being real Christian fathers and mothers.

“Same Time, Next Year” reveals the laxed view within.

Two must never cross the line of simply being friends.

Marriage is a sacred state created by our God.

The commitment must be stronger than any other love.

So when you stand before the Lord and whisper your “I do’s,”

From that very moment there are now two of you.

Never be fooled that adultery isn’t sin.

Do not create a world where sin is “just pretend.”

Your marriage vows make it plain. We must cling forsaking all the rest.

Don’t play with fire – you’ll get burned. Give your spouse your very best.

So when we try to blame the movies and as we try to fantasize,

Keep in mind it isn’t innocent fun; it really is all lies.

Don’t fall into a trap my friend of thinking no one knows.

God is always watching, everywhere you go.

The problem really isn’t Hollywood being oh so liberal.

 The root cause of the sin, my friend, is Christians not being deeply spiritual.

--by Roni Archer            March 17, 2017     Copyrighted along with this blogsite