Feb. 25, 2017

Which "me" is me?

Someone asked me the other day which “me” is the real me.  The loving one that offers encouragement through Christian music OR the angry one that offers observations into the church's mixed messages?

I am both.

God empowers me with the gifts of edification (building up) and prophecy (speaking God’s truth is boldness). So, God leads me to use both. At times, the edification has a prophetic slant. At times the prophetic word has an encouraging message. Same me. Same God.

I am both. Guess what? God is also both. He loves and He disciplines. We really like His love side better, don’t we? Well, unless we think He needs to discipline someone else.

God creates multi-faceted, multi-gifted, multi-feeling human beings to worship Him, serve Him, rejoice in Him, and love others as they love Him.

I’m no different from you. I may be more complexed and more vocal, but we are all God’s children.

How has He gifted you? Better question: Are you using your gifts to glorify Him even when it hurts?

Sacrifice is beautiful. He did it for me on Calvary and I seek to do it for Him every single day in every single way.


Please do not skirt through this maze called, “life.” Dance more. Feel more. Serve more. (There I go again! I just can't escape His prophetic edification assignments!)

*The artwork entitled, “Maze,” is copyrighted along with this blogsite.