Feb. 23, 2017

Hide it Under a Bushel? No!

There once was a bully.

He was really quite mean.

His hate wasn’t hidden;

It was visibly seen.


He swelled up with power.

He found strength in the fight.

Others joined him while knowing

Something wasn’t quite “right.”


When the weaker man stood

Against the meaner man’s rants,

His entourage whined,

“Give him a chance!”


It was all very funny –

Yet, it is also so sad.

We continue to be encouraged

To ignore all the bad.


Somewhere in the mix,

Those who knew what was right,

Were willing to sacrifice

God’s Holy Light.


All for a man

Who is obviously nuts.

Now let’s get this straight –

And you’re mad at us?


Let’s pray for God’s righteousness

To reel in this man.

Let’s thank God for freedom

That ALL men may stand.


Let’s think of the kid

Who boldly faced controversy

Questioning Christians,

“You’re okay grabbing pussy?”


There is a wolf in the henhouse;

None will be safe.

A mistake was made.

We gambled with fate.


While on election night

Your pride surely glistened,

You won the battle...

But no one is listening.


I really must ask

You still stand with him?

The madness revealed

Might just be yours, my friend.


One year ago

Honor lined the stage.

What came next

Was hate’s violent rage.


So don’t be surprised

That not all bought the absurdity.

The lesson we’ve learned is –

Vote in the primaries.

*Poetry, artwork and writing copyrighted along with this entire blogsite.