Feb. 21, 2017


I’m curious. Because I am curious, this blog will be full of questions. I’d love to hear your answers if you choose to share them with me. You can share them in the comments section of my blog. If you are really brave, feel free to share your feelings on Facebook where I post this blog. You may email me with your responses or you can simply think about the questions and reflect on your answers.

Here are some things that have been spinning around in my head lately:

Do we really disagree that often or do we simply choose to disagree instead of admitting when we are wrong?

Do you think Christians living in blatant and rebellious sin should be allowed to lead or teach in a church setting?

Would we have any leaders or teachers teaching at church if we knocked out the sinners?

Are there really always two sides to every story or are there simply a variety of opinions?

How do we know when someone has truly repented?

Can a spiritual teacher teach without pointing out sin? If the spiritual teacher teaches by pointing out sin, is the spiritual teacher just as guilty of judging as the ones he/she is trying to teach?

Is hate ever right?

Is love ever wrong?

Are people who say, “I’m not a racist,” really racists in denial?

Why do people drive 10 miles under the speed limit (especially when I am behind them and running late)?

Why do other people honk when someone doesn’t immediately take off from a red light?

Can kids honor their fathers and mothers if their fathers or mothers are not honorable people?

Is spanking hitting?

Do stay-at-home moms still exist?

Why do we have so many church buildings if fewer people attend church these days?

Am I the only one who sits around and thinks about unanswerable questions?