Feb. 20, 2017

Totem Pole

Many ancient cultures had some form of a totem pole. Totem poles tell stories and relay information regarding a society’s hierarchy and tribal practices. Totem poles are as different as the artists who produced them. The poles were ways to relay information from tribe to tribe.

What would America’s totem pole look like today? Would it be a totem pole filled with happy faces, brilliant colors, bright smiles and high hopes? Or would America’s modern totem pole show signs of sadness, darkness and defeat? If someone carved a piece of wood to tell our story to future generations, what would the story say about us?

Are we happy? Are we a loving community? Or is our nation divided as if it were separate pieces of wood making up one larger structure? Can we honestly say that we are one single tree imprinted and carved out to reflect our varying qualities while remaining parts of one big picture?

Totem poles carve out a legacy. I think I will build my own totem pole.  My totem pole will tell the story of a love that embraces what’s good in everyone. My totem pole is created through eyes of wonder and with an eagerness to learn. My totem pole will have dark browns reflective of the beautiful earth our God created. I would use some neutral colors to reflect my willingness to remain neutral in order to promote peace. My totem pole will have bright colors of happiness mixed with a blood red indicating a sign of life, intense struggle and sacrificial death.

Did you know that Christ embraced everyone? He loved them BEFORE He tried to change them. Once we honor Christ, we learn to build on what each person or generation has to offer resulting in a totem pole affect. I believe embracing others will allow me to experience more peace; spiritual peace, societal peace; and world peace.

My totem pole has an intertwined pattern revealing the strength found in numbers; many people serving together in order to glorify One. That One is not me and that One is not you, my friend. The most loving totem pole was in the shape of a cross.

*Note: The artwork entitled, “Totem Pole,” is copyrighted along with this blogsite.