Feb. 12, 2017

Little Things

Jesus lived His earthly life in the minority.

Stronger people around Him made up the majority.

Jesus went against what was common, religious thought.

Because of His refusal to yield to the fake, He and the religious leaders fought.

Jesus’ life spoke volumes to a world of selfishness.

He taught things such as sacrifice and how pride was meaningless.

The religious men were combative towards His every word.

Because of their arrogant refusal, they did not call Him, “Lord.”

Jesus lived a simple life; a life that proclaimed God’s love.

A love directed at the sinner with a goal on things above.

Something tells me that if Jesus were born to us today,

We really would not like Him or what He has to say.

When the Bible declares the gate is narrow saying that all will not enter in,

I suspect we do not realize we may not be His friend.

Church doesn’t bring it; works will not get it; morality isn’t the clue.

The way to know if you belong to Him is to ask – does He live in you?

Once you’ve asked Lord Jesus into your life, you’ll never be the same.

You do not seek fame or fortune. You do not protect your name.

Once we’ve surrendered, really surrendered, the “me” we knew is small.

Once I’ve surrendered, really surrendered, to glorify Him becomes my call.

Little things matter, oh so very much. The greatest becomes the least.

We no longer need the power. His humility is our feast!

Life is no longer seen as a battle about how much we gain or win.

Our lives become more about His love and surrendering to Him.


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