Feb. 6, 2017


People are interesting. If I am one-half as interesting to you as most people are to me, I suspect I keep you entertained.

What is it with our celebrity police? We pay their salaries by watching them on T.V. and in movies, but we seem to want an ongoing commentary regarding their freedom to be “real people.” I realize the Meryl Streep thing has settled down and I am most likely stirring the ant bed, but really?

Meryl Streep, a classical actress, accepts a lifetime achievement award, voices her opinion and all hell breaks loose. At the same time, Mark Wahlberg, the action hero (well, besides using bathroom humor when talking to a stuffed teddy bear) gives an interview on how inappropriate Meryl Streep’s words were and he gets his picture and the interview posted all over Facebook.

Let me clarify – speaking up against what you do not see as moral is not okay. Speaking up against a person who spoke up against what they see as a problem is okay. Am I getting it straight? “F” word – okay. Sex scenes – okay. Excessive violence – okay. Stupid movies – okay. Sharing your political views during a T.V. show no one paid to see – not okay.

Just when I think I have it figured out, Beth Moore and Max Lucado speak out against a sinful leader with less-than-Christian behavior and they are not okay. The conservative evangelists speak up against Beth Moore and Max Lucado for speaking out and those conservative evangelists are okay? Just making sure. Heaven knows I want to be okay.

Then, we add Denzel Washington and Kermit the Frog to the mix. Denzel says it’s okay so, hey, it’s okay. Kermit tells us to value coffee (while drinking tea, I might add) and support our President (same picture/different memes) and that’s okay?

I think the key here is you have to say something a person agrees with or you are not okay. It’s okay to speak out against those who speak up. It’s not okay to speak up against what you see as wrong.

Matthew McConaughey says to accept our President. Well, if Matthew McConaughey says it, I guess we’d better adhere to the advice. After all, ol’ Matt is hot and from Texas. We gotta do what he says, right?

I know I always take my advice from Bruce Willis as opposed to Beth Moore and Max Lucado. After all, those action heroes certainly know what’s up in the world of spirituality.

Don’t fret Meryl Streep fans. Someday she will be as respected and as free to be herself as is Kermit the Frog.