Feb. 2, 2017


I’m at a loss for words.
(It doesn’t happen very often.)
We claim to be born of Christ
But, His teachings are forgotten.

Today His people seem to follow
The teachings within the Old.
We stopped upholding His New Covenant.
I know…I’m way too bold.

Walls and bans, dear Christian?
Are you kidding me?
Help me find this in your Bible?
Help me see what you choose to see.

Crack down on welfare;
Every abortion must stop?
Oh, my dear Christian!
Is this what Jesus sought?

You want all babies to be born?
And none to lose their life?
You do realize you can be a mother
Without the benefits of a wife?

On one hand you cry, “Save the babies!”
On the same day you seem to say,
“We’re not going to help you.”
Do you think these babies will simply fade away?

Jesus asks that we care for everyone
And to welcome the foreigner in.
He asks us to love, simply love;
Even those who aren’t our friends.

I understand the Old Testament
Is full of righteous Law.
Are you reading the New Testament?
And that’s really what you saw?

It’s okay to take a stand
And shut others out?
Walls were built for Jerusalem
Before the Gospel came about.

Yes, we must separate ourselves from sin
And not allow the sin to rule.
But enforcing bans on people?
Doesn’t that seem just a little cruel?

I realize we disagree.
I don’t see what you choose to see.
But, can I be honest with you?
You scare me.
Can we say, “Pharisee?”

Roni Archer - February 2, 2017