Jan. 30, 2017

Let's be honest...

Guess what? I’m a middle-ground-kind-of-person. For example:

Black Lives Matter vs Blue Lives Matter: I understand the tension in both of these battle cries. Tension, however, is typically what forces us to make changes where and when change is needed. We aren’t born blue. You make a choice to be blue. Unfortunately, choosing to be blue puts you in danger. I want to thank those who choose blue. We appreciate you. I believe God deeply values any service-based profession realizing they lay down their lives for their friends (and enemies). May our God of love and power protect you.

I try to remember that we don’t get to make a choice in our skin color and the stereotypes that come with it. You don’t have to agree with me, but that’s my view from the middle. I happen to believe that God loves blacks, whites, browns, Asians, and anything else we come up with and throw at Him. May God bless us everyone.

Republican vs Democrat: Again, I can see pluses on both sides. If a label is required, I fall under a Moderate Independent. Typically more of my financial beliefs fall within the Republican Party while my social beliefs align with the Democratic view. (That was pretty much blown to smithereens this election year.) I don’t believe God sees “blue states” and “red states” when it comes to the state of our country.  I think He sees our needs and is simply waiting for us to depend on Him.  Only on Him.

Muslims vs Christians: God managed this tension very well once the divisive ball was set into motion.  He promised Hagar, Ishmael’s mother, that He would not forget her.  I trust Him to work out the volatile tension. The situation is entirely too big and complicated for me to think I have any real solutions. I do see the tendency for Christianity to ignore the writings in our Bible about God’s stand regarding Hagar’s dilemma. Go back and re-read the story of Abram, Sarai, Hagar, Ishmael, and Isaac. I know I was surprised to find some not-so-studied and definitely-not-quoted verses. Christians need to acknowledge that Hagar didn’t willingly step into the ant bed. She was pushed. We also need to realize that God loves both sides and set His redemptive actions into motion for both sides. Don’t believe me. READ IT. 

Male vs female: Again – slap dab in the middle. I have sons but realize men can be butts.  I am female (obviously), but realize women can be butts. I try not to interfere with anyone’s relationships unless I am invited in. When I am invited in, I am going to tell you the truth as I know it. The problem with most Christians is we don’t read the Bible all the way through. We don’t know God well enough to see the full picture before forming our staunch beliefs. I see more of us believing what we are told or taught to believe instead of seeking and finding our own answers.

I’ve been challenged to say something nice about our new President from my middle-ground perspective. He wears nice suits.  How’s that? <wink>