Jan. 27, 2017

A True Story (with a twist)

There once was a young couple that suffered deep persecution from their family and citizens in their hometown. They packed up their belongings, took a leap of faith, and moved to a different place in hopes of making their dreams come true.

When they arrived in their new home, they discovered that a family already lived where they were hoping to build. However, this family was warm and welcoming allowing the young couple to stake a claim and build new lives.

With time, there was tension in the relationship between the young couple and the more-tenured occupants of the space. Mild tension turned into pure hatred. The young couple built a very strong fortress of financial power and built even stronger friendships with the other new people on the block. The generosity of spirit extended by the older family was not reciprocated.

The young couple paired up with their powerful neighbors and sent the old people packing. They gave them a little, tiny piece of land and provided strict laws in which the original residents could function.  The older residents found themselves suffering deep persecution from the hands of those they welcomed so freely when the younger couple was seeking to fulfill their dreams.

Slowly, the older residents began dying out one by one, family by family, and soul by soul. The young couple and their new neighbors seemed to flourish in the home that used to belong to the giving, older residents. With time, the original family could no longer found. They died out totally or what was left of the family disappeared into the wind.

To make it worse, the young couple grew older themselves and began to tear down all of the dream homes and gardens of the original residents. They showed no mercy in putting up their own landmarks made from concrete and steel, which continued to fuel their need for “more” and continued to build their personal bank accounts.

All the while, the remnant of those who gave graciously in the beginning was soon forgotten by those who became permanent residents.

One day, the young couple began to age. To their surprise, there were new young families coming into the neighborhood to escape the oppression of other areas and lands across the sea. The couple who made the first move became indignant saying things like, “They are trying to take over our land! We’ve got to build walls and screen people or we won’t be in control of our dreams and fortunes.”

I must ask, “Where is God in this story?” The “young couple” represents our ancestors. The older residents reflect Native Americans. The damage done to the home reflects our greed, power, and selfish ambitions towards the creation God provided for all of us. So, again, where is God in this story and what makes us think the land belongs to human beings anyway?

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.”  Hebrews 13:2