Jan. 24, 2017

Would it be okay?

Would it be okay with you if I shared just a few insights on what has transpired in our country recently? If it isn’t okay, please stop reading now.

If you are opposed to the protests and take the attitude, “Get over it,” please do not pass yourself off as an amazing “patriot.” America was built on freedom and still revolves around the Constitution. Those who choose to peacefully gather have every right to protest. They have just as much right to protest by physically walking a street as you do to add your counterpoint comments on social media in protest to the protests. Those who resort to violence during the protests will be dealt with if we give it time.  (You remember that “good-ol’-wait-and-see attitude,” right? We are all being asked to apply it liberally these days.)

If you are one of the ones saying, “I didn’t have a choice,” when rationalizing your vote – please be honest. You did have a choice. One that started during the primary season and one that carried you into the ballot box or helped you make the decision to stay home.  You did have a choice. You chose to vote for a specific party regardless of: the temperament, the history, the lack of experience, the style, the personality, the honesty (or lack thereof), the maturity, the history, oh – I already said that one.  Sorry.

If you are one of the ones saying, “This is America. The American people have voted. It’s time for all of us to sit down and work together?” Let me ask you, how’d that work for you over the course of the past eight years? If we are really honest, many of us that “won” this time were sore losers last time. It’s the other side’s turn now.

There are people hurting. Really hurting. If you don’t understand the pain then go right ahead and pat yourself on the back because you haven’t felt: oppressed, ignored, mistreated, overlooked, discriminated against, oppressed – oops, I already said that one.  Not sorry.

Our government will not learn to work together until the American people can actually show them the way. So, keep protesting folks; those hitting the streets as well as those offering us their play-by-play remarks on their favorite social media site regarding the protestors’ behavior.

Let’s just not claim to be holier than thou unless we are really holier than they are, okay? We all need grace regardless of which side we stand on, sit on, support, or post about on Facebook or Twitter.

Grace, grace, God’s grace,
Grace that will pardon and cleanse within;
Grace, grace, God’s grace,
Grace that is greater than all our sin!