Jan. 22, 2017

Man of God

He says he is a man of God.

I must tell you I can’t see it.

If the Spirit lives within this man,

It might be time to free It.

This man of God likes to show

That he is oh so wise.

Really? Is that what you see?

All I can see is lies.

I think the thing

That scares me most

Is how he lives and breathes to boast.

And how he took so many in

Convincing them to believe in him.

Man of God! Man of God!

Won’t you let God in?

Man of God! Man of God!

God sees you in your sin.

We can run but cannot hide.

God’s light reveals all truth.

It’s time to admit your sin, my friend.

The biggest fool is you.

* The artwork entitled, “Can’t say I see it,” is copyrighted along with this blogsite.