Jan. 15, 2017


I was a cheerleader in school. It was interesting to see the different levels of skill and knowledge on the squad. Some knew everything there was to know about the game. Others knew nothing about the game but showed up anyway. Some knew the exact cheer to say at the right time. Others had no clue how the cheer applied to the plays in the game but yelled loudly.

I’m told that cheerleaders are important to competitive sports because they keep the crowd fired up and engaged in the game. I’m also told cheerleaders are viewed as terrific support to the team proving they have their back whether the team wins the game or loses.

A few nights ago, I dreamt that God provided me with my own set of cheerleaders. I personally believe the dream was a vision to prepare me for an intensive weekend retreat. The cheerleaders represented in my dream were real women who have been involved in my life for many years.

In the dream, two of my friends sat at a table in the sun and simply “remained present.” Their words were words of love, words of strength, and words of peace. It was obvious to me that these two cheerleaders were going to stick with me regardless of whether I won or lost.

Another woman remained ever-present but in the shadows of the dream. I believe this woman represented faithfulness. She didn’t get excited when I grew anxious. She didn’t lose her temper when I flew off the handle. She was supportive and remained close by no matter how I behaved.

The third woman in the dream was an interesting choice. She is the daughter of a friend of mine that I’ve known since childhood. Her mother and I have the same birthday except that her mother is one year younger. Her mother suffered a near-fatal event that left her a quadriplegic. I’ve had little interaction with the young woman; although we did attend the same church at one time and I knew her as a child. The young woman gave me a much-needed makeover because I was growing tired of what I had become and wasn’t pleased with how I looked. She wasn’t gentle but she knew what she was doing. My friend's daughter reflected the determination in my dream that she has to incorporate in everyday life.

In my dream, I went back and forth between the young woman helping me become the new me and my stable, dependable friends sitting in the sun. The two woman provided words of strength and words of acceptance every time I ran to them feeling weary from the extensive makeover. All the while, the young woman worked very hard to make me more beautiful. My silent friend remained in the shadows but was never more than an arms-length away.

The woman God placed in the dream as the hovering woman is a peaceful woman in real life. She is a woman who encourages great creativity from the soul. She is non-condemning, friendly, and has known me since my junior high years. She remains my friend today.

I wish the dream had an exciting ending, but it doesn’t. The truth is: I woke up. The dream ended but the voices, faces, activity, purpose and clarity of the dream remains. The dream launched a spiritual makeover empowering me to continue on my journey feeling loved, feeling supportive and applying determination as I change.

“Then the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven.” Daniel 2:19