Jan. 12, 2017

Truth. Revealed.

There once was a man

Who was new in town.

He tried to smile

But typically frowned.

He whined and lamented saying,

“Give me a chance!”

Blaming everyone else for his


The truth of the matter was,

If our thinking was sound,

All we needed to know

Was easily found

By simply examining this man’s “fruits.”

After all, isn’t that

What Jesus would do?

If we are truly looking out

For humanity,

It really isn’t a matter of

Our life's philosophy.

We forgot to ask,

“Which would be best?”

“To agree with all that he says

Or to use his life as our test?”

You really don’t think

A leopard changes its spot?

Christ taught us to care for the poor –

I guess we forgot.

As this man makes his way

Straight to the top,

Remember –

Blessings are based on what we give…

Not on what we’ve got.


Matthew 7:15-20