Jan. 8, 2017

"Here's your answer, Roni..."

My heartfelt pleas to God this week were based on two issues: a) Learning to discern and differentiate between “reasoning together” vs debating/arguing; and, b) Asking God how to handle those who love me but really, really, really believe I should tone it down or shut it up.

God always provides His answer.

Our Pastor is a great preacher. I’ve shared before that I believe my church has some of the richest bible teaching in the area. It is considered a “mega” church, so I understand it isn’t for everyone. It's the type of church I need.

Here is a quote from our Pastor’s message today, “If you love somebody, you respect them even if you don’t agree with what they say.”

Lightbulb moment: This lesson goes both ways. I hope and pray that you, my readers, are willing to respect me when we disagree. I must show equal love and genuine respect in return. I don’t think I’ve been doing that very well.

The lightbulb moment continued and God provided this thought to my spirit:



Sees and


Everything they

Can in God’s


True respect understands that God speaks to each of us as individuals. He speaks at just the right time to make His point and provide His direction. The timing and message depends on the individual person listening. Even the closest of friends and most intimate of Believers find themselves at different places and different times spiritually and emotionally.

From the depths of my soul – I love and respect you!

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