Jan. 5, 2017

Peace, be still...

“Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.” Mark 4:39

My favorite part of our trip to the Holy Land was riding on the Sea of Galilee. It was amazing. They turned off the engines (because we didn’t float like Jesus did) allowing us to close our eyes and hear the sounds Jesus heard. I felt His presence.

The one verse above is just a small part of a very powerful story that involves fear, faith, and God’s ferocious power. The disciples became afraid. Christ asked them to trust Him and He literally made the wind stop and the sea calm down.

While I have no doubt the story really took place so long ago on that same sea where I rode a boat last summer, I also believe the story is very relevant for us today.

Where are you struggling? What makes you afraid? Is Christ asking you to simply trust Him? Do you believe He can bring peace to your life?

I am a pacifist living in a cowboy world. My husband and I have been watching the 10-part mini-series, “Texas Rising.” I suspect Tommy gets tired of me covering my head with a blanket. As I watch one very loose adaptation of the Battle of San Jacinto, it hurts my heart. The Indians kill the settlers because the settlers are taking their land and exterminating their lifestyle. Both sides used cruel tactics to kill their enemy. The Mexican Army is defending land that they feel belongs to them. Let’s be honest – there is plenty of land to go around in Texas.  (It’s a joke; nobody panic.) All of this is going on at the same time.

One thing the show has taught me is that we only think we have it rough in today’s society. Lawlessness, killing, cruelty, savageness, and many other horrible sides of mankind came out in the establishment of not only Texas but the entire United States. Well, truthfully, the occupation of the entire world. You put men, ego, money and land together and you have the formula for disaster.

We either make Jesus laugh because we are so far off-based with what He wants for us or we make Him cry because we are so far off-based with what He wants for us.

What does the beginning of this blog have to do with the ending? Three words: “Peace, be still.” If Christ can order nature to stop swirling, He can take control of our spiraling lives. He can if we stop the fear by having faith in Him and allow Him to utilize His ferocious power to calm our storm.

Where do you need Christ’s power today? Call out to Him. Trust Him. Believe Him. Watch Him. Please do it as an individual and let’s do it as a country. God, please help us!