Jan. 3, 2017




You can’t fix stupid. You can steer clear of it.

Regardless of what I say or post, my friendship circle reveals whether or not I am racist.

Never say, “I love you, but….” Anything following that but proves your love is not unconditional.

Live and learn or die dumb.

Is being very selective of close friends unchristian? Ask Jesus. He had a tight inner circle, twelve disciples, many followers and lots of religious enemies.

Evil typically hides in plain sight.  Good people just choose to look the other way.

If we argue about who is the most spiritual, we don’t understand spirituality at all.

While we can’t predict the future, we typically can tell where we are headed.

We can manipulate Scripture to mean anything we want it to mean. That isn’t why Scripture was written.

If the Lord tells you to stand, stand. If He tells you to let it go, let it go. Don’t confuse the two.

With all of this said, the artwork that accompanies this blog is entitled, “A Cross of Many Colors,” and is copyrighted along with this blogsite. I drew it to remind us that crosses come in all shapes, all sizes, and many colors. But, when all is stripped away – it’s a cross. Until we understand Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, we simple don’t get it. We can pretend we get it, but we don’t. The greatest enemy to Christ’s Church is church people getting sidetracked.

Wake up, my friends. You are either with Him or you are against Him.  All of our self-righteous rambling doesn’t change the world. Christ does. Christ and His cross.