Jan. 1, 2017


You are toxic to me.

I believe that you know it.

Every word, every action…

Your attitude shows it.

Your life is such a farce;

You’re a great pretender.

You deny it, of course, saying,

“Oh, we are all sinners.”

You go above and beyond

The call of duty

In wearing a mask

Marked by emotional cruelty.

Walk away from "us" and

Don’t ask me to follow.

Your words, your lies…

I can no longer swallow.

Your apology is in vain this time,

Although it must seem cruel.

Cruel? You ought to know!

You broke all the rules.

Strength is what you see in me;

I’ve accepted it at last.

Your lies have no control on me.

“Can we talk it out?” You ask.

There is too much pain

And I’ll no longer pretend.

We’ll go separate ways.

It’s time to say, “The End.”

My grief will come

And it will subside.

I will no longer feel

All torn up inside.

Please stop the lying…

There’s nothing to share.

What hurts me the most is

You never seemed to care.

I trust God to help me

Do what I must do.

We will part. You broke my heart.

God whispers, “My child, My love is true.”

*The poem, “Toxicity,” is copyrighted along with this blogsite.