Dec. 26, 2016

I'm hooked...

If it isn't obvious by now, I've spent the holidays watching some of my favorite movies. I watched the movie "The Sound of Music” on Christmas night. I watched in honor of my mother-in-law. It was her favorite movie.  

She told the story many times of how she and her mother went together to see the movie for the first time. It was love at first sight. She came home so excited and insisted that Tommy's dad go with her to see it again. She was thrilled to share the experience with him. About fifteen minutes into the movie, she said he leaned over and whispered, "No one just bursts out singing like that."   

The story depicted in the Sound of Music is based on a true story. Maria wasn't nearly as sweet as Julie Andrews and the dad was named “Georg” not Gaylord.  The real life von Trapp children shared many years later that they were disappointed in how the movie portrayed him in the beginning. He apparently was never a cold and detached father. They also said Maria was much more strict than she was fun. 

The movie doesn't focus on the slow and subtle take over of many countries by a power-hungry, hateful dictator. The family didn't climb a mountain to escape to Switzerland but they did sing and many aspects of the movie rendition are true.  

To me “The Sound of Music” goes beyond a love story. It's the historical account of the Third Reich lying to people as part of their underhanded strategy to rule the world.  It's also the story of innocence lost and the divisive effects of political brainwashing. Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power as a consequence of the social, political and economic confusion and discontent that plagued Germany at the time. What started out as refreshing charisma and hope found a foothold and developed into hate. 

My father-in-law was 100% correct. People don't walk down the street and break out into song. Maybe we should. Perhaps hate would be suffocated if we spent less time focusing on what makes us mad and more time singing about Who makes us happy.    

"Come, let’s sing out loud to the Lord! Let’s raise a joyful shout to the rock of our salvation!"  Psalm 95:1