Dec. 24, 2016

The Miracle

One of my favorite Christmas movies is “Miracle on 34th Street.” I must admit this is one time I prefer the remake to the original that was made in the mid 1940’s. Let’s be honest, filming techniques improved a lot in 50 years helping to make this remake beautiful and amazing.

As I repeatedly watched the movie over and over again this year, I found myself still smiling at the exact same spots and tearing up during all of the scenes as I have done from year to year in the past. It’s such a beautiful story. While some believe the story is mainly about Santa Claus, I do not see it that way at all. To me, the story rekindles my faith in the goodness of human beings and the majority wanting to promote joy despite the few Scrooges who still exist with the goal of misery in their wake.

Not to be a total downer after accentuating the positive that I shared above, but I have to tell you this year was especially hard for me to watch without breaking down in tears. I’m not sure that a miracle would take place in this day and age. I’m not sure many people are looking for a beautiful story, faith in the goodness of man, or wanting happiness for the common good despite a few Scrooges who are simply in it based on what they get out of it.

We need a miracle on every street in America and around our world. We need to rekindle our faith saying, “I believe” when it comes to goodness, sacrifice and love. Sadly, the movies cannot create the miracle for us. More depressing is the fact that God really has no control other than what we allow Him to exercise. The truth is we, the people, make a decision whether we want daily miracles that restore man’s faith in something bigger OR whether we prefer someone bigger to make our decisions for us despite the outcome on every man, woman and child.