Dec. 20, 2016

Welcome to my world - Part 2


As I continue sharing my strengths (welcome to my world!), I come to my second highest dominant strength, which is “Strategic.”  The interesting thing about the word, “Strategic” in the secular world is that it is equivalent to the gift of “Prophesy” in the spiritual world.  We create alternative ways to proceed. We recognize patterns, understand humanity and have a deep sense of direction.

Here is Gallup’s definition of the strength of “Strategic” insight:

“Faced with any given scenario, you can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues. By nature, you have acquired valuable skills and knowledge. You spend time considering numerous courses of action before choosing one. You invent original and innovative techniques for dealing with expected and unexpected challenges. You use the same approach to take advantage of promising opportunities.

Instinctively, you notice that the right word usually pops into your mind exactly when you need it. Your comfort with language makes the oral or written expression of your ideas or feelings appear almost effortless. Others benefit from your ability to transmit information, thoughts, or emotions by using a vocabulary they can easily understand. Chances are good that you invent original ideas of your own.

Your imagination is typically stimulated when you collaborate — that is, team up — with future-oriented thinkers. Because of your strengths, you demonstrate an ease with language. You effortlessly verbalize your thoughts. You relish the opportunity to share your insights. You derive pleasure from actively participating in conversations when group members propose ideas, seek solutions, or debate issues.

It’s very likely that you examine the past. You discover why things happened. This permits you to foresee the future. You study humankind’s story to identify subtle nuances, recurring sequences of events, and predictable human behavior. Generating clever, resourceful, inventive, and original alternatives, you can offer solutions to age-old problems.”

At the Day of Pentecost, Peter quoted the Prophet Joel teaching the Early Church that with the inclusion of the Holy Spirit, God’s sons and daughters would speak for Him, “In the last days it shall be, says God, that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.” Acts 2:17-18

So, do I have a crystal ball? No. But whether you are examining the business world and its need for strategy or the spiritual world and our need for direction, strategists and prophets move us forward. Intense study is a must for us; it’s not an option. We also make mistakes so we need to surround ourselves with affirming people who support us in prayer and hold us accountable.

When we speak for God, we must allow Him to do the talking and never take credit for it. When we speak for ourselves, we must differentiate between our personal opinion and/or beliefs and God's message so that no one can blame God for anything we say.

We are in the last days. God’s word is needed more than ever. Test the spirits because many claim to be “prophets” so make certain their message points others towards God and not towards themselves. True prophets yield to the Most Holy Strategist of them all.