Dec. 19, 2016

Welcome to my world - Part 1

I’ve shared with you in the past that I enjoy self-reflection and self-assessments with a spiritual, motivational, inspirational and developmental theme. I am blessed to have a career history with managers who feel or felt equally passionate about these areas. My latest assessment was delivered by the Gallup organization and is entitled, “DON CLIFTON:  Father of Strengths Psychology and Inventor of Clifton Strengths.” I realize some of you believe anything with the word “psychology” signals voo-doo so you can feel free to stop reading now if the idea offends you.

For those of you who understand medical doctors are gifted in the physical; pastors are gifted in the spiritual; dentists are gifted in the structural (skull and teeth); and that psychology has a very spiritual slant if we are willing to see it, please allow me to allow you to “get into my head” so to speak.

I have five top themes in my strengths assessment. Listed in order of most dominant, they are: Connectedness, Strategic, Includer, Input and Belief. I’d like to share these strengths with those of you who know me best. I believe it will help you understand not only my spiritual make up, but how God has wired me to fulfill my spiritual calling. Jeremiah 3:33 says, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” I believe God answers when we ask and He, too, wants us to understand how He created us individually so that we can do the best work collectively.

Today I will be sharing my strength of “Connectedness.”

The strength entitled, “Connectedness,” allows me to have faith in the links between all living things. I believe there are very few coincidences and believe everything happens for a reason.

“By nature, you underscore what people have in common even though their backgrounds, experiences, languages, cultures, or interests vary greatly. You facilitate dialogue between individuals. You create peace within groups and between people by linking them to one another. 

Chances are good that you spontaneously open your mind to people’s diverse philosophies of life.

You habitually search for ideas that link one person’s fundamental truths with another person’s core values. You probably realize human beings are tied to one another regardless of their age, language, education, socio-economic status, nationality, race, religion, or culture. Instinctively, you often are the one who helps people understand how they are linked across time, distance, race, ethnicity, religion, economic levels, languages, or cultures. You make it possible for individuals to work together. 

You aim to break down barriers that separate people. It’s very likely that you sense you are not all alone in the world. You probably feel linked with every person and living thing. This openness explains why you invite a vast array of people to participate in conversations, activities, social events, or groups. 

Because of your strengths, you hold tightly to your core values. They form the foundation of your day-to-day existence. Your internal moral compass always points in the direction of what is right, proper, and true. You trust your strong convictions to direct you to the right path, regardless of the obstacles you face.” 

In other words, I am truly a spiritual hippie. Do I share to brag? No, I share to point out that we are all different because we were created to be different. God depends on us to work together despite our differences.  

*The artwork entitled, “Connected,” is copyrighted along with this blogsite.