Dec. 14, 2016

Defining Moments

Somedays it feels as though it's all a bad dream.

Whatever has been has already been seen.

Misplaced trust or brilliance has won.

What little was left, is our goodness undone?

The fall of Aleppo requires a fight.

Perhaps that is why Russia is his shining light?

Perhaps he knows a war is coming?

Perhaps the only answer is for us to be chummy?

I don’t know what bothers me the most –

The crude, blatant one who likes to boast;

Or the so-called “Christian” who has that plastered smile.

Ignoring the ignorance all the while….

Oh, Lord, why can’t I see what others have claimed?

I just want to wake up from this horrible dream.

Why is it okay that his selections are men

That share her wrongdoings and most of her sins?

Why can’t Christ’s Church see the writing on the wall?

Perhaps I am wrong and know nothing at all?

Why can’t they see it? What did I miss?

I think we’ve fully defined the word, “hypocrites.”