Dec. 2, 2016

The Shortened Version


My husband shared with me that on most days he doesn’t have time to read my blog. My husband. Can you believe that? The truth is that he really doesn’t have time to read my blog on most days. Especially when I get wordy and go on and on and on and on….Well, you get the picture.

So, I am going to try to shorten my blogs. I will get straight to the point and not elaborate; unless we have another Presidential election.  <wink>

I’m sharing a tiny morsel from the rich Book of Proverbs. This verse isn't meant to spark a great debate or extensive bible study. It speaks for itself as we read it by ourselves. When verses in the Book of Proverbs are taken one at a time (apart from Proverbs 31), they are mere nuggets of truth that prompt biblical meditation to further investigate God's truth for our life.

 “Leave your simple ways, and live, and walk in the way of insight.” Proverbs 9:6

I suppose I could have left out the third paragraph in an effort to totally shorten my blog today. The teacher/preacher in me flows out naturally and spiritually. But, hey! You must admit my blogs are getting shorter.