Dec. 1, 2016

Do the angry voices matter?

I had someone tell me recently that I was “losing <my> reputation and Christian witness by the things <I> say on Facebook.” I must admit the comment took me aback. Wow.

I had another friend hold me accountable for what was truly an outburst. She and I are still friends. I think more highly of her as a result of the experience and I believe she sees a little more deeply into my soul.

Anger is a negative emotion but it is a human emotion just the same. In some cases, anger changes the world. When good people get fed up with bad things, their anger can actually instigate change.

Paul said to be angry but not to sin in our anger. That’s the tightrope we walk. Instead, some of us shut down anger all together. That forces me to wonder if we’ve really shut it down or did we turn it inward so that it became depression?

Others allow anger to spew 99.9% of their time. One of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control. Where does anger fit into the equation?

Let God tell you. If we live our lives based on what someone else thinks or says to us, we really aren’t living our life at all. We are living their acceptable version of our life.

If I am not the “me” God created I’m not just robbing the Church of my spiritual gift(s), I am robbing God.

It’s complicated, isn’t it?

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