Nov. 30, 2016

A recent daily devotional thought...

Genesis 49:10

“Shiloh means Peacemaker, Comfort or Consolation. Shiloh is the outflowing of the peace-quality of God’s divine nature. He not only possesses and grants peace, His very nature is peace.  Has Shiloh come to you?”

As I read this short devotional thought before the holidays from the calendar that sits on my desk, I sat and allowed the words to permeate my soul.  Peace is hard to come by these days, isn’t it?

I am prompted to pray a prayer and hope that you will join me:

Holy God, You are the maker of the universe; You give life to men and You take life away. Father, all things are under Your hand. Although we do not always understand, if we are patient we will see all things work together for our good when we love you and accept the call to advance Your purpose on earth.

Father, we need peace. Our lives need Your peace – a peace that only You can provide. Our homes need peace to replace the hurry and hustle of the holidays. Our country needs Your peace to heal deep wounds inflicted over this past year. Our world needs Your peace. You are the Peacemaker. If we are willing, we can be instruments of Your peace in places where no peace can be found and at times when peace seems impossible. We call on you as “Shiloh” our Peacemaker, Comforter, and the One who consoles us when we are wounded. Heal our lives. Heal our hearts. Heal our land. Reclaim Your children in Your name I pray, Amen.