Nov. 29, 2016

Ground Rules

It’s been amusing over the past few weeks to hear feedback from some of my blogs. One in particular caused quite a stir sending people into panic mode that my sweet husband and I were parting ways. Let’s be perfectly clear – not only do we love one another dearly – “it’s cheaper to keep her” at this point in our marriage.  We plan to spend his retirement money together.  <Smile>

I wrote a poem about a break up and somehow some people assumed it was about me. I hope you realize that everything I write is not about me. I mean, I do think I’ve matured enough to realize life is not all about me but you never know….

The poem wasn’t even about a marriage. It’s interesting what we read between the lines, isn’t it?  It’s also interesting that most of us, me included, think we know all there is to know about certain matters and can’t believe we were wrong when we find out we didn’t know much at all regarding the issue.

I will put down some ground rules for my blog:

I do not talk about friends or family members without asking their permission first or allowing them to read my blog before I post it. In fact, I wrote a blog one time about a friend who lost a child and because I didn’t hear back from her when I asked permission, I didn’t post the blog. She responded a few days later granting full permission, but the blog took a different path once I didn’t receive her blessing to move forward a few days before.

I do write about leaders and political figures because it would take entirely too long to get their permission and if they read what I wrote before I posted it, they’d probably put me on a watch list. This election season was brutal. I’m learning to walk away. Someone tried to initiate a conversation over our Thanksgiving lunch and I suddenly needed more pie.  I actually did want more pie, but I didn’t need it. I did, however, need an excuse to exit gracefully.

The exception to this rule was when my son was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident. Everyone was so wonderful praying for us and God is so good to us that I gave myself permission to write about my experience.  He was totally okay with it and told me so afterwards.

If you read my blog and think, “Is she talking to me?” don’t worry. If I am talking to you, I will say it to your face before I plaster it on this space.

If you read my blog and think, “Is she talking about me?” you never know…Just kidding. I’m typically a straight-shooter and I’ve said it to you before I mention it in passing. The majority of my writings are a compilation of many, many experiences with a variety of people. If my blog ever makes you feel uncomfortable and you feel attacked, tell me. Please – just tell me.

“Should I be worried when I hang around you because you plan to write about me?” The truth is the majority of what I write comes from lessons learned years ago. Well, except for the political stuff and we’ve already addressed that in the comment above.

To sum it up: I won’t share any of your details without asking permission first. Politics is free game. If I am writing to serve as a follow up to a prayer request, I will write from my vantage point. If I am talking about you – I’ve already spoken to you. And, I will never betray your trust.

If you think I have in the past or you think I do in the future, tell me. Please, just tell me.

Poetry is an entirely different subject. Poetry is from my soul. At times, it reveals my deepest thoughts. Other times, it voices my greatest frustrations. Sometimes, as in the case of “Autumn Days,” it voiced the pain felt by someone else who couldn’t move past the hurt so I wrote something for them.

Capeesh? (That’s Italian for “Do you understand?”)  <Another smile>