Nov. 26, 2016

Think Again

 “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:2

I’ve mentioned more than one time, in fact repeatedly, that I was brought up in church memorizing scripture. This was one of the first bible verses I memorized. We were taught this verse meant to be set apart, to think like Christ, and in doing so we would please God by doing His will.

Over the course of the year, I’ve allowed this verse to flow through my mind. I’ve thought about it during my prayers and as I made decisions. I recited the scripture as I attempted to work through the varying beliefs Christians seem to display and how often we disagree over our beliefs. God is leading me to think again. God asks that I constantly allow Him to renew my mind and transform my thoughts.

What if the call of the verse is to stop focusing on world affairs, the temporal, and to allow ourselves to be transported into eternal thinking? Think about it. Again. What if the conforming referred to in this verse is more about our spiritual walk instead of our social stands? Can we be transformed into eternal thinking allowing us to prove to the world what God is all about?

Think about it – what if the verse is calling us to care more about the eternal than what we can see, touch, and feel today? Do we point to God in our efforts to conform the world into our way of thinking as opposed to transforming individual lives through the power of His Spirit?

Have we narrowed faith in God down to a mere set of church standards, moral beliefs, and social practices? In doing so, have we completely missed the point of Christ’s sacrifice? Is there more to the Christian life than simply doing what we think is right and demanding that everyone else agree with us?

Christ said to look at Him. When we look at Him, He tells us we see God (John 10:30). We know God through the life and person of Jesus Christ. If we want to know what God thinks, we must know Christ.

If we think that what we’ve learned inside a church building is all there is, we better think again. Knowing about Him is not the same as knowing Him. Believing in Him is not the same as believing Him. Singing about Him in church is not the same as worshipping Him in spirit and in truth.

Memorizing scripture or being able to tell exactly where a certain scripture is found does not make us Christ-like. The world is not moved by our efforts to impress. The world is moved by the Spirit of God and unless we have the Holy Spirit abiding in us, we will not prove that which is good, acceptable and the perfect will of God. We impact the world when we allow His Spirit to overflow through us into the lives of people around us.

Nothing overflows if we hold so tightly to that which we believe is significant instead of reaching out to those we see as insignificant.

It’s not our world. We are simply passing through. Why, Christian, do we fight so hard to stake claim on the temporal? The temporal is not our mission because there is nothing about Him that is temporary.

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