Nov. 24, 2016


When all is said and done

And I come to the end of my days,

It really will not matter

What others have to say.

I want to be remembered

For living life selflessly.

I do not want to face my Lord

Hearing I acted selfishly.

What is really, really neat

Is that I have reached

The point of peace.

I no longer need to try

To sway others to my side.

God’s children must learn to live

With all the commands our Lord gives.

It isn’t about our own welfare;

But rather are we sharing Him


If we slam the door,

How will we serve our Lord?

Among those we deem unfit?

I won’t hear of it! 

It isn’t a matter of my pride…

 I find my peace  down deep inside. 

No longer will I fight.


 I will share His light.