Nov. 20, 2016

Autumn Days

Imagine my surprise

To hear it was all lies

Only to realize

I never knew you anyway.

What is it you want me to say?

If we pretend, will the shock go away?

You’ve lied; you haven’t been true.

I’m not really sure I even know you.

You claim you love me –  

But, what does that mean?

I feel this relationship is one grand scheme.

For years and years, I thought I knew you.

Now, I find out that nothing about you is true.

It’s your claim that you tried to please me.

That isn’t at all what I see.

I think your goal was to cover your fears.

Honesty is something I hold very dear!

Honesty is something you can’t seem to grasp –

Lies do not make a relationship last.

What exactly do you want from me?

I’m not sure which one of you I see.

I am so angry;

I can’t even cry!

How do I hold on to something that’s fake

While you pretend it was all for my sake?

Love cannot be built on distrust.

As far as I’m concerned –

There was never an “us.”

We’ve move into the autumn of our days.

I’m not sure there is much left to say.

You must be you; I must be me.

Will this love survive?

Under dead, autumn leaves?

I suspect that only time will tell

If the betrayal can be healed.

To think of all those times I was there for you…

What do you expect for me to do?

Autumn leaves;

Autumn days –

The sun begins to fade.

Autumn leaves;

Autumn skies –

There is no longer any shade.

We must let go

And close the door.

The autumn leaves pile up on the floor.

 Dry and brittle;

Dark and brown –

Like autumn leaves...our love falls to the ground

*The artwork entitled, “Autumn of Life,” is copyrighted along with the poetry and other contents of this website.