Nov. 11, 2016

The Role

When we believe it is our role to save people, we’ve developed a “Messiah Complex.” When we believe our actions save ourselves, it’s called idolatry.

If we try to save our children, we make them emotional invalids. If we try to save the world, we’ve just elevated ourselves to a god. If we think we are capable of saving our nation, God yields the floor. We cannot demand our own way and then question where God is in the mix. We either believe Him or we don’t. We either exalt Him or we don’t.

Children of God are set apart because He moved in our spirits and called us to Himself. Children of God do not earn their way into His heart. We are not good enough or moral enough to claim ownership of the high road. We are allowed access to the high road because Christ walked the road all the way to the cross and died for our sins. He is the Messiah. Not you. Not me. Not our church. Not our moral authority. Christ is the One True Messiah.

Once we understand this, and it goes beyond believing it, once we understand this we stop attempting to save anyone or anything and we start introducing everyone to Christ.

I hate to break it to you, but the world and our nation need Him; not us. The only reason He left us on this earth when He departed and the only reason we are still here is to glorify Him. We are to spread His gospel. It is a gospel of life and death.

Instead of being unapproachable and causing chaos, let’s do our real jobs, shall we?

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