Nov. 9, 2016

What's in a name?

Dear Hillary,

May I call you, Hillary? I’ve heard so much about you over the course of so many years that I believe we are on a first-name basis. We have something in common. We’ve both been rejected by a faction of our country’s population that demands more of women and deep, deep down prefers men as leaders.

Hillary, I accepted Christ as a child and knew I was called to serve Him by the age of twelve. I always found it interesting that Jesus reached a point of realization at age 12 (Luke 2:40-52) and I, created in His image, did also.

I knew I was called to preach. In my religion and in my part of the country, girls weren’t allowed to preach. We could teach children and we could teach other women, but God didn’t want us preaching based on how my denomination chose to read and translate Scripture. God revealed to me very early that His feelings and intent aren’t necessarily relayed very well by His children’s attitudes.

I can imagine the pain you feel because I’ve felt it, too. When your campaign first started out, I didn’t want to vote for you. I believed all the things we were told about you – you lie, you are corrupt, you are against the safety and security of our country…I know, I know, you’ve heard them all as has the rest of the country. I believed them because people I love and trust told me these things were true about you. Besides the Clinton name has some baggage. Baggage. We all have some and we all decide whose baggage we can tolerate.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I didn’t really have any proof or facts that you are who they say you are, I was falling into the same trap that I've dealt with my entire life – somebody reads something or somebody says something or somebody reports something or somebody claims God tells them something and it suddenly becomes fact.

You won the popular vote. You won it because most of us want to be stronger together. Most of us believe it is time to break the highest glass ceiling. Most of us didn’t see your flaws as more evil than his flaws. Many of us want inclusion and fairness. Many of us like a diverse United States of America. Lots of us feel your pain today and we were okay with your baggage.

That’s really the purpose of my letter. I remember how time after time and rejection after rejection and rumor after rumor and judgment after judgment, I simply didn’t know what to believe anymore and threw in the towel thinking, “They’ve won. I cannot fight this fight any longer.”

Hillary, no one gave me the title of “preacher,” but I preach. My life preaches every day. Hillary, no one embraced me to affirm my calling, but God holds me in His hand and who could ask for anything more?

You are a person. Somehow, we (the “Christian people”) seemed to forget that during this war on Washington. You are a person. You are loved and valued by God. I promise you – and I know because I’ve walked the path – you will survive without the acceptance and “votes” needed to be where you really, truly believe you were meant to be and to be who you really, truly are as a person. You will survive it because that’s what women do. We keep marching. We keep going. We are women and God really likes us. When He created man, He said, “I'm not done,”  (I paraphrased. So sue me.) Then, He created woman. It doesn’t make us more important than men, but it does make us equally needed and valued by God.

For the little girls out there wondering what it would be like to be President, you brought them one step closer. For all the sexual assault victims that never got their day in court because a male-driven society wanted to point fingers and call them liars while opting to believe the male perpetrator, you were our voice. For all the women and girls who feel afraid and abandoned when hearing the words, “You’re pregnant,” you reminded them that they have the right to make health decisions for their own bodies. And, for those women who chose to keep their babies, you made a way for their pregnancy and delivery costs to be covered and for their children to receive the help they needed.

Thank you, Mrs. Clinton, for fighting the good fight. Time will tell if all the rumors and accusations are true. Time will also tell if America chose well based on rumors, accusations and religiously-based prejudices.

PS Even if all of the bad stuff is true, God still loves and values you as He does all of us; even with all of our baggage.