Nov. 5, 2016

Our futures - together.

I’ve heard a great deal of talk lately about the Millennials, which are people also referred to as Gen (or Generation) X. There really aren’t defined dates for Millennials, but we can safely say they are young people born between 1980 through the early 2000’s.

Millennials are quickly entering the workforce and older workers are feeling the squeeze to retire in order to open the door for the next generation. If you want to retire, you willingly train a Millennial to take your place as you ride off into the sunset. It’s called, “mentoring,” or “coaching.” If you can’t or don’t want to retire, many see the Millennials as a threat and just might feel forced out. We have a tendency to see them as our children and not see them as capable adults.

I won’t throw stones because I have been guilty myself of shaking my head thinking, “They are going to allow Christianity to die out because they aren’t interested.”

I am a goof.

Here is the praise music coming from the Millennials. I personally don’t think we have a great deal to worry about as their future meshes with ours.