Nov. 2, 2016

Who is wrong and who is right?


I am every pastor’s nightmare and I know it. I need to be honest with you and tell you that I really don’t like what today’s church has become. I realize I infuriate some of you. What I hope is that I encourage everyone to think differently as opposed to shutting down and closing our minds to differing opinions. 

I look back over my church life, which is extensive, and I really don’t like church very much. I suspect that is why I ended up in a mega church and have done absolutely everything I can to remain detached. Please don’t think badly of me or feel sorry for me. I am really very happy. 

I believe in corporate worship. I believe I sit under some of the best bible teaching in the area; especially on Tuesdays when we have the largest gathering of interdenominational believers in our city. It’s hard to beat good, solid bible teaching. I just don’t care for all the frills. 

Oh, I used to care for the frills. In fact, I was the frilliest of them all. I did everything. If the doors were open, I was there. If a committee needed a leader, I was there. If a class needed teaching, I was there. And, I was really, really “there.” I was committed to my church. I loved its people. I understood its purpose. 

Over the course of 15 years, everything has changed. I’ve changed. Pastors have changed. My attitude towards serving has changed. My interest level in serving has changed. I really don’t like what today’s church represents. I know. I’ve already made that perfectly clear. 

So, am I evil? God doesn’t think so. So, are you evil if you disagree? Certainly not! I grew to realize that we are all different. We see things differently. We have different needs in our lives. We value some things over others and not everyone values the same thing at the same time. That’s okay. It really is okay. 

I love my church. I love my pastors. I love the few friends that I have allowed myself to make and connect with at my church. I really just don’t need the fluff anymore. If the fluff is important to you – good for you! Enjoy it! However, be willing to understand that lack of interest in church doesn’t necessarily equal lack of interest in God. 

Thanks for reading. God loves you. 

“Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Mark 12:31a 

I’m not sure that verse has anything to do with this blog, but that verse is my idea of the true Church. 

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